5 Reasons Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

As a professional matchmaker, yes you read that right it is a real job!
I keep being asked about Valentine’s Day and the look of shock when I say I hate it is consistent. I can imagine that it’s the last thing you would expect a matchmaker to say but it’s true. I Hate Valentine’s Day.

In the world of matchmaking Valentine’s Day can be one of the most busy times of the year. There are articles, events and new clients a plenty and that would be great except for one tiny thing…..morally I don’t like the concept.

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Here are my 5 reasons

  1. It puts pressure on singles to find “a” date: The pressure to have a date for Valentine’s is worse than for a wedding or almost any other event. While as a matchmaker I could “cash in” on that, I prefer to work with people to find a healthy, quality date and that takes time. Studies also suggest that being single on Valentine’s can create depression in teens and adults
  2. It puts pressure on couples:  It wont be long before all the photos are on facebook of all the wonderful things partners have bought or done for each other, the part I don’t like is the air of competition that is involved. It’s lovely to be thoughtful for your partner but the whole world doesn’t need to know and approve of it.
  3. It’s so expensive: The same bunch of flowers cost twice as much, restaurants charge extra on a Tuesday night! This is a consumerist day, there is no genuine justification for higher prices it’s just a chance to make more money and it feels wrong to me to pull on peoples heart strings like that.
  4. Children are indoctrinated too young: I have daughters and been guilty of this when they were very small, it’s almost part of the fun stamping I love you on thier packed lunch sandwich and sending them in with a heart shaped yogurt for the day. That part is lovely but when you have young children all crazy excited to buy gifts barely 6 weeks after Christmas it is corporate programming at it’s most efficient.
  5. Inappropriate focus upon gifts:  Love comes in many forms, it is often the little things we do for those we love, the kindness, compassion, consistency, support, passion and yes gifts can be a part of that but it is far from the value of it.

Although I hate Valentine’s Day I am hugely romantic and very much a fan of being thoughtful, romantic and full of fun. I just don’t agree with the comertialisation of love. You can show your romantic side any day of the year.

This year I will be celebrating at a Sharing the Love Charity Ball that I’m helping to arrange this Saturday. There are couples, lots of singles and families attending. We are raising money to build a community kitchen to feee 120 children each day at school in Africa. It is an incredible project that I’m proud to be part of. So if you are free this Saturday you are welcome to come along. It’s only £40 including your arrival drink, photo, 3 course meal and live band. The Park Inn Palace Hotel is a beautiful venue and supporting the charity greatly and we have some wonderful raffle prizes the link for tickets is here: Ball Tickets

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s I hope the focus is on love rather than buying more and more stuff.

Please do let me know your views on Valentine’s in the comments section, it’s always good to hear others perspectives.

Much love, as always,

Beccy xx

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