Beccy Mae-Rose

Matchmaker, dating and relationship expert

Beccy Mae-Rose has spent the last decade coaching people to success in various areas of their life, from weight loss to business. However one area always stood out from all the rest, relationships and love! Becoming a Matchmaker was more than a choice it was a calling for Beccy Mae-Rose. You could say she found her perfect match. Bringing together her years of coaching experience, dedicated passion for psychology and training at the Matchmaking Institute she founded RED Matchmaking.

RED Matchmaking is focused on the individual and prides itself on getting to know each client personally. Beccy Mae-Rose meets every potential match for her clients. Online dating has its place but Matchmaking couldn’t be more different. Matchmaking is a high-end service due to the level of personal time and attention, along with the skills involved. The Relationship school is totally different and accessible to anyone for a nominal fee. Beccy Mae-Rose is committed to helping as many people as possible be happier in their relationships. This is where the school came from, her vision for a happier world. It’s for all relationships not just singles. Combining content, coaching and community it is truly unique in its offering. Beccy is always happy to hear from you so message her directly at and she will personally get back to you