Are you ready for love? 3 questions to find out!

Your single and dating but are you READY for love?

With 51% of adults in the UK being single and that the official data from the ONS. A record number of dating sites and apps it should be getting easier to find love surely?

With 10% of online dating users being married, another 51% being in a relationship that only leaves 38% truly single according to Statistic Brain.

Clearly 61% of those online daters are not ready for love, as they are aren’t single!

What about the truly single people, are they or you really ready for love?



We have 3 simple questions to help you find out.

  • Are you going through trauma?

Trauma can be anything from a major change at work, a seriously ill or recently past relative. You could be ill; you will know what trauma is for you. It can be tempting at times of high stress to date as a form of escapism from whatever is going on for you. That does not mean that it is healthy, for you or anyone that you date. Trauma needs to be dealt with and given the energy to heal. If this is you, please stop dating and go see your friends and family who already love you instead. Save yours and whomever your dating’s heart.

  • Have you healed and learnt from your last relationship?

As a Matchmaker I meet lots and lots of single people all looking for love. Every single one of them tell me they are over their ex. In reality I’d say less than half are. Just because you wouldn’t get back with them doesn’t mean you have healed from the heart break or learnt the lesson you need to. A simple test here is if you talk about them without being prompted, if you do positively or negatively then they are still in your head and possibly your heart.

To really help your future dating and chances of finding love its best if you can look at what you did within that relationship that caused it not to work. Even if your ex treated you terribly and all agree you were the wronged party, you need to look at why you chose that relationship with that person in the first place – tough I know, I’ve been there and it does help. Some counselling might even be worth the investment, if you have gotten divorced I would suggest it’s essential to move on fully.

  • Do you love yourself?

Do you even know what it means to love yourself? Do you think that would be arrogant? The thing is with self-love is it is the single healthiest thing you can do for yourself. Self-love isn’t looking adoringly into the mirror telling yourself over and over how gorgeous you look – although a bit of that can help! Self-love is about looking at each area of your life and either being truly happy with it, or totally confident that you are on the path to that. A simple test of this can be too look at your diet and fitness. Do you eat healthily, sleep well, get exercise and have a good self-care regime? If not, this is usually because somewhere you don’t really love yourself or possibly even think your worth it!


So how did you fare?

Are you trauma free, healed and loving you? If you are congratulations that would have taken some work on your part and you are ready for love – woohoo!! Have a look at our Matchmaking memberships we’d love to help you find your prefect match.

Are you experiencing some of the above? Whatever it is your going through well done for owning up to it! That’s the hardest part. Now you have claimed it you can face it and get ready for love. If you would like some help with that then the Relationship School is just the place. For only £10 a month members get coaching, content and a community of people on the same journey.

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