Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim ~ Letting go of Fear and Learning to Love

Sink or Swim is a perfectly imperfect easy to read a collection of 37 short anecdotes shares in a real, raw, relatable and exceptionally vulnerable way the journey from a lifetime of fear through letting go of almost everything to find the inner power of self-love.
Purely written to shine the light back into the darkness of suicidal intent for anyone struggling themselves, or knows, cares for or loves someone who is struggling.
Sink or swim is packed with genuine, useable and at times slightly woo woo tips and tools to heal, believe, grow and ultimately love all of yourself, the awesome through to the awful.
We are all dark and light, learning to love all of ourselves allows the magic into our lives. It is your time to shine again!

All sink or swim books sold in pre-sale will be delivered with a handwritten note, affirmation card and be with you by 30th April 2019.  The cost of the book is £10 including delivery.

Why I wrote this book

I made an agreement with the universe when I was on my knees that I would share my journey out of that hole. That I would be real, raw and share the tools that I used from that point, with no filter. I invite readers to share my journey with me. My intention has always been that this would be the book that someone would gift to a friend they didn’t know how to help. Why? Because I had to help myself out of this and no one could have done it for me. Let this book be the light in some’s dark! We are all capable of being our own hero, sometimes we just need to believe it’s possible. I am proof that it IS possible.

Learning to love myself has become my greatest superpower – I would love for it to become yours too.

Each book bought in presale is so hugely appreciated. This book hasn’t been written for business gain, to grow my platform or any of the reasons I thought I would write years ago. This book has been written purely to help others see that they too have the power to turn their life around, no matter what has happened before now.

With so much love for each and every person who even takes the time to look at this page, wishing you joy and happiness.

Beccy xx