What is the aim of a first date?

First Date

Going on a first date is nerve wracking for most people. It’s so easy to start worrying about what the other person will think, will they like you, will you like them! It can be so easy to get carried away in the natural concerns and nerves of a first date that some of the fun gets lost.

A first date should be fun!

A first date should always be fun, an evening or afternoon getting to know someone new. Finding out what makes them laugh, hopefully laughing yourself. The thing with all the natural worries is it can take away from that a little. It’s natural to feel judged and that you are assessing that person. However if you try to put that too one side you will have a much better time.

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There is only one aim of a first date

Have you ever thought about what the aim or intention is for a first date? Did you think it was to see if there was a spark? See if there was a connection? Too see if you like the other person? How would you feel if I said it was far more simple than that! No matter how good the meal, bike ride, trip too the zoo. All of the above options are FAR too much to find out in one date, that stuff takes time and more dates.

The aim of a first date is simply to get a second date! Nothing more and nothing less.

Unless you are totally offended, felt really uncomfortable or had a terrible time a second date should be the aim. Most people are nervous on a first date it can take a few before you even get too see the more relaxed and you start to get too know them. People are complicated and giving someone a chance is the first step to finding lasting love.

Has that changed your views on dating?

Now when you are getting ready for you first date will you be less nervous? More able to be yourself? That is what dating is all about getting to know someone to find out if there is a romantic interest. One date is not enough…..enjoy those first dates and go on more second and thirds dates. You may well be sup prised at how much more relaxed the same person is on a second date!

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