How to be more attractive

Being attractive lasts a lifetime, beauty fades. 

If magazines and TV programs were to be believed then beauty is the ideal goal. I disagree totally. Attractiveness and beauty are two different things and attractiveness wins every time. Why? Beauty is literally skin deep, its physical and we have very little control over it. We are born with the features we are born with. Or in this world it can be bought with surgery or good photos! 

Attractiveness is deeper 

Attractiveness cannot be bought, it’s much deeper. When we find someone attractive it is often due to more than looks. It can be that glint in a persons eye, the way they handle a tough situation with humour and dignity. The laugh that they have or the kindness they show to another person. The best thing about attractiveness? It evolves over time and can be ageless. I know my Grandad still found my Grandma attractive right until he passed when she was 82!

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This quote explains attractiveness beautifully

The best thing?

You can make yourself more attractive! Even better, it isn’t very hard at all.

5 Steps to being more attractive

  1. Be happy! What ever that looks like for you. It’s a scientific fact that both sexes are attracted to people who smile. What ever it is that makes you happy, go do more of that.
  2. Be happy for others. When you see someone doing well be it at work, in a new relationship. Regardless of if you wanted that job or that girl/guy be happy for them. Being happy for others shows kindness and compassion both of which are very attractive traits.
  3. Have a goal. Someone who is passionate and driven is always more attractive. Also it gives you something to talk about with ease and a spark, also very attractive.
  4. Be honest. We all have little quirks, the things that make us uniquely us. Share them and let them shine. Let your little freek flag fly! You see if you are a star wars fan but you hide it, will you ever stop being a star wars fan? But if you share it who knows who will find that just adorable and be attracted to just that like a beacon.
  5. Relax. We all have pressures that is the modern world but when you are out socially try to relax and just be YOU. Totally authentically you. The fear of judgement can so often take this away but someone who is comfortable in their own skin is ALWAYS more attractive that the highly strung beauty.

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