How We Work

Matchmaking Is As Unique As You Are

Using psychological values, international certified matchmaking skills and getting to know you as an individual, we work with you to identify what you are looking for in your dream partner. We will then exclusively search for you, completing background checks and meeting every potential candidate in person before you approve your date. We work with you throughout the process, giving feedback after each date. Combined with the coaching and personal service your Matchmaker ensures you are happy, safe and on the road to lasting love.

Our private members have a dedicated matchmaker who works with them throughout their membership. Your matchmaker will search for you specifically as well as assessing the active private and open members.

This means our service is discrete, safe and saves you time. During your time as a private member you can also access dating coaching to enhance your relationship and dating skills. You will get feedback from every date that you go to ensuring that you have the very best chance of finding and keeping lasting love.

Private Members use this service while Open Members are registered to be matched with Private members.

Dating Coaching

Dating Coaching can be the ideal step before matchmaking if you have had negative experiences in the past. Whether you have had a toxic relationship, been on one too many bad dates and your confidence has taken a knock this is time to become the best of you. Dating Coaching focuses on helping you not only heal from the past but connect with your self-love so that you shine at your greatest to attract, and keep the love you deserve.

This can be the step, the action that has the transformation and shifts created that creates change not only in your dating life but life as a whole. We all attract what we are and when we feel hurt, damaged or broken we create more of that for ourselves, totally unwittingly. Whereas when we are fully aligned with love and have that sparkle in us we attract positive, joy-filled experiences. Of course, this takes commitment and action from you but if you are willing to work with us we would love to show you the path.

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