Open or PrivateĀ – You decide

There are two very different ways to become a member of RED Matchmaking. You can either be an Open Member which has a registration fee only or become a Private Member which is more proactive and has cost that reflects this. While Open Membership is low cost and does allow you the chance of being matched with one of our private members there is no guarantee of a match, no matchmaking service is supplied.

We are happy to take on both Open and Private members.


Private Membership is ideal for those looking to take a proactive approach to finding love. You will be assigned a dedicated Matchmaker who will have a detailed and psychological profile session with you to pin point exactly what you are looking for. Your Matchmaker will first look to match you with our Open and Private Members, who have all been met personally by a Matchmaker. Then your Matchmaker will begin to exclusively search for your ideal match. We work with you, providing feedback after each date and coaching through out your membership. This is proven to save you time, protect your privacy and have an 85% industry success rate.

The choice of Open or Private membership is totally yours and we are currently taking on both memberships if you have any questions please email the team hello@REDMatchmaing.com