Why self-love is essential, like oxygen!

Do you have enough Self-love?

Or is that even the right question? For some the question might be, do you love yourself? As in at all?

The thing with self love as it has gotten a bit of a harsh wrap over here in the UK. I remember taunts of “look at them, don’t they love them selves”. As if it were a bad thing.  When self love is a bit like oxygen, it’s essential! Self love should not be confused with arrogance. That is a totally different beast. I’m not for one moment suggesting that. But self love is much more basic and fundamental than that.

Self-love is all about respect, time, nurturing, compassion – for yourself. Does anyone else ever find themselves being way harsher too themselves when they make a mistake than they ever would be to a friend. Or finding time to do things for other people but never the time to do something totally for yourself? I find that especially common in Mums, so busy caring for everyone else they become the bottom of the list.

Self love is the most important love!

Yes you did just read that right. Here’s the thing, you can only love anyone else as much as you love yourself! That includes your children, parents, spouse (yes this blog is for married people too!). Self love is like the oxygen mask on a plane, you must apply it too yourself first. And it works both ways


No one can love you more than you love yourself 

So if you can’t love anyone more than you love yourself AND no one can love you more than you love your-self. Surely it makes sense to work on your relationship with your-self as a priority? Right?

Now I can almost hear the protests of: I haven’t got time, my kids need me, ha chance would be a fine thing! The list of excuses goes on and on. However to make it a little easier for you to find that time and I’m not talking much here. Self love can be as simple as a walk in your favourite place, on your own. A quiet half hour a day to read your favourite book,  saying no to the “friend” who always asks but never gives. It doesn’t have to be huge but it does need to be consistent.

Who do you love the most?

Take a moment to think of the person or people you love the most in this world. For me it’s my amazing daughters. Now think if everyone treated them the way you treat yourself, would you be happy? If the answer is no then it’s time for a change. You see you are teaching the people you love exactly what love looks like. That starts with how you love yourself.

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5 thoughts on "Why self-love is essential, like oxygen!"

  1. Jane says:

    And I always say, if you don’t love yourself then why should others do?

    If you can’t use the product you’re selling, then why should I buy it?
    I constantly ask myself, “If I were a product on a shelf, would I buy me?”

    Thanks for sharing this Beccy.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting Jane.

      That is a fab analogy for this! Thank you so much for sharing xx

  2. Ria says:

    Excellent article,thank you for sharing Beccy.Very important reminder that just we all need food, water, shelter, warmth for survival we also need harmony in order to function and thrive.Self love and support are crucial for the balance to filter through in our lives generating harmony within ourselves, and creating positive new experiences not only within us ,but also around us .Self love is highly infectious, radiate that and in no time “the one” will arrive.

    1. Exactly when looking at needs once the basic ones you mentioned are met, I would suggest that self love comes before romantic love to enable you to attract and keep the right person. Thank you for your reply and reading the post xx

  3. Carlette Dobson says:

    Great blog honey

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