Why singles don’t date

Half of all singles don’t date

Research has shown that half of those who report their relationship status as single haven’t been on a date in 2 years. As a matchmaker I would have to agree. In fact I would suggest that it’s potentially higher as the research was conducted by e harmony. How many of you have got that single friend, who’s often amazing but still single? Or maybe that person is you! The question to ask them or yourself is – do you date?

Fear of dating

It has been said that there is a fear of dating. That fear will usually come from an internal story being told. Here is a tiny selection of some I’ve heard

  • They wont look anything like their picture – yes this is a real risk of online dating.
  • serial killers find victims on dates – that is the most common reason for women not dating!
  • I’ve not got the time
  • Fear of rejection

The last one is the most realistic. While the picture one happens it’s only going to waste time, not impact feelings. The real chance of meeting a serial killer on a first date?! About the same as being struck by lightning. However the chance of going on a date, liking them but not getting that call back? That is REAL. As for the time one, that is a pure EXCUSE! We all have time for dating.

singles don't date, hiding

Get off the sofa, stop hiding!

Fear is no excuse!

The fear of rejection is no excuse for not dating! While I’m a huge advocate for proactive time alone between relationships, significant relationships. Hiding on your sofa or behind a computer working does not count. If you are single and ready for a relationship there is no excuse for not dating. None.

Get real about dating and reduce that fear

Have you seen the articles I’ve written¬†about what a date is¬†and most importantly what he AIM of a first date is. Once you understand these key things this could well reduce your nerves a whole lot. Some nerves is a very good thing but to hide and avoid dating completely? Well that is just being a cop-out and denying yourself a chance of happiness.

Security or fakes?

If your fear is truly based on the concern of security or fakers then working with a matchmaker takes all of that away. We meet ALL members, open or private face too face before you do. Yes that’s right we sit opposite them, complete back ground checks before you date.

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2 thoughts on "Why singles don’t date"

  1. Susie Ellis says:

    This sounds like a ‘proper’ service! I gave up on dating sites & therefore am part of the statistic haha

    1. Hi Susie,
      Yes matchmaking is a bespoke service that works with the individual. There are different ways of doing it but at RED Matchmaking we look to match with open members who’ve we’ve already met. Then we also go out and specifically head hunt for matched for our private members.
      Online has it’s place but it’s not personal.
      Your more than welcome to book a call if you’d like a chat about your dating options? No obligation or charge and I’d love to speak too you, drop me an email if you’d like to find out more: Beccy@Redmatchmaking.com, B xx

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