Why are values so important?

What are values?

Values are the things that will influence your decisions and actions. When faced with multiple options in a situation your core values will influence which choice you make. In effect your personal values are a set of deeply held convictions that will guide you. Spending time on considering your core values is one of the most effective use of time. Why? Because you will have values even if you are not aware of them. If your not careful they will be ones handed too you by your Mum, teacher, the cat down the road!

Why are they so important?

Because they are like your internal compass. They will impact the thousands of decisions you make each day. So a simple example. Your boss calls and says they need you to work late tonight and urgent project is in trouble. If your core value is family and you have your sons school play, you will politely decline. However if your core value is hard work or money you will stay regardless of the play. Both are valid decisions made daily up and down the country. Values are also quite static so one you have them, knowingly or not they will be influencing your choices


How do you find yours?

The simplest way is to look at two things. What makes you happy and what makes you proud. Don’t close your mind to this, write out all the things that have EVER made you proud and happy. It should be quite a fun and uplifting task. Once you have that there will likely be some key themes. Try to group things together and they will highlight your core values. They could be anything like the ones above, if like me your not religious it is unlikely to be faith. However you may value your spirituality, or not! This is all about YOU there is no right or wrong here. This is like the blue print of your life, if ever there was a time to be true to you it’s right now.

Prioritising your list!

Your list may contain golf or salsa dancing and that is wonderful! It’s great to have a core value that is a hobby that makes you unique. However this is where prioritising your list becomes important. Have a look through your core values as see which is your top priority. For me its my family, even within that it’s my children first, Gran next…..this stuff matters. After your top priority what would come a close second? It is friends or is it work/business, be honest? Or what ever it is, no one ever sees this except you so keep it real!

Why this helps

Having a clear knowledge and understanding of your own personal core values makes decisions easier. Does it mean I always say yes to my daughters when I have work to do – of course not! But it does mean that when it’s important it’s always family first. Knowing your values also helps in your relationships. You will find that you naturally align with people with similar values too yours. If you are single then this is super valuable as you should always look for a partner with similar core values too yours. I’d say that’s far more important than even chemistry…… although that matters too!

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Happy Saturday, much love,

Beccy xx

6 thoughts on "Why are values so important?"

  1. Values are so important and we can live in line with them or live against them, in my experience living against them gives you a deep niggly kind of unhappy feeling whereas living in line with them leaves you feeling content and fulfilled. Great post Beccy x

    1. I agree completely.
      When we aren’t conscious as to what our values are it can be easy to be lead away from them by a stronger personality for example and yes it doesn’t feel right.
      This is where identifying them can be so helpful not just to us but too those around us.
      Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for commenting

  2. Nezel says:

    You are so right. Values are the compass that direct our sails. Every decision we make every second goes down to the values we hold. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s simple once you know.
      Thank you for reading and have a fab weekend 🙂

  3. Susie Ellis says:

    Think I’ve forgotten to check in with mine … thanks for the reminder

  4. Bea says:

    Hi Susie,
    Yes values are so important in our decision making.

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