What is a date?

The terms “date” and “dating” are used a lot in the modern world aren’t they, but do you actually know what they mean?

Firstly dating is a relatively new concept, especially in the UK. Go back 100 years or so and there was little need for dating as marriage was a formal agreement between too families to protect the land and money. The concept of Marriage for love is relatively new, it was only around 250 years ago that this idea of love matches gained any traction.

Bring things a little more modern,  think back too your Grandparents, did they date?

Most likely the courted for a short while, their families knew each other and agreed (or not if your Grandparents were rebels!) to the marriage.

However now there is a mine field of terms, dating, casual dating, hook up, being exclusive. These are all great as long as each person knows what they mean.

A date is simply: A social event, outside of the home for two people to get to know each other and find out if there is a romantic attraction.


In more detail: It is usually a meal, or social activity. The reason it is never at either persons house is to protect each persons boundaries. Lets be frank if  you go to someone’s house early on that is heading into the world of “hook up” which is not dating. The date could be a trip to the zoo, theme park, a show, concert, anything you both want to do together.

Here’s the next shocker, going on a series of dates with someone becomes dating. This is not the same as an exclusive relationship and yes that person has every right to be dating someone else at the same time! We live in a fast paced world now and as a Matchmaker I advice dating multiple people. Until you have the conversation about being exclusive, which is where you go from dating to a level of commitment you have every right to date other people.

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