What is a Matchmaker?

Do you know what a matchmaker is? 

I’ve committed to blogging every day for 30 days about Matchmaking, dating, relationships. Also your most important relationship…..the one with yourself. Today I’m going to get started on the basics…..what is a matchmaker?

Now I will forgive you if the first thing you thought of was the song from fiddler on the roof. You can’t begin to imagine how often people sing that to me when the find out what I do! Or you though of Patti from Millionaire Matchmaker, don’t worry everyone does. The thing is the real world of matchmaking is very different from either of these and I’d like to give you an insight in to what it is we do.

Matchmaker defined

To be really basic a matchmaker is someone who brings together two people with the intention of finding lasting love or marriage. While we all think of relationships in a romantic and attraction way, that is a relatively modern idea. Until relatively recently marriage was focused on property, wealth and power! Hard to imagine that now but it’s very true the world has changed so much and so quickly


Beccy Mae-Rose Matchmaking Conference

What do Matchmakers do?

Matchmakers get to know clients and potential matches and based on the wants and needs of both arrange suitable dates.  We get to know you 1-2-1. Guide you through the dating world which can include coaching through previous negative experiences so that you have the best chance of future happiness and success. What you see on TV is only a fraction of what we do, we meet and get to know many people before we arrange even a single date for our clients. We get feedback from both people on the date and work with our clients to improve the matches each time. We usually expect to work with a client for 6 to 12 months to find a successful match. With an 85% success rate we know this attention to detail works!

Because of the level of attention and professional support a client can expect a meaningful connection within 3-4 dates…..can you say that for online dating?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what a Matchmaker is and does…

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